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Esco Lathes

As the sole representatives in Southern Africa, we are proud to offer the range of  production lathes produced by ESCO.

Unlike conventional lathes, escomatic lathes are based on a unique concept. The material, which is coil stock or bar, does not rotate. The cutting tools mounted onto the spinning tool head rotate around the material. This concept equally qualified for the manufacturing of small, medium and large lot size parts, contributes to the extremely high performance and cost savings achieved with escomatic machines.

Schaublin Lathes

As the sole distributor inSouthern Africa, we are proud to represent a brand which has sold more than 100 000 pieces worldwide. These lathes are known for their precision and durability -  you will easily find customers who are working on machines which are more than 40 years old and who are still very satisfied with them. 

The Schaublin range includes:

Conventional High Precison Lathes

There are two proven machines which are highly renowned for their advantages and manifold possibilities of use. In this tradition, SCHAUBLIN MACHINES SA has further improved the capacities of the 70 (bench-mounted) and 102 (bench-mounted with motor) lathes and even simplified their operation.

High Precision and Production CNC Lathes

High-precision lathes with numerical control by Fanuc. Like a conventional lathe, these machines can be operated by means of handwheels or they can be controlled numerically. The Turn Mate function is very easy to use and does not demand ISO programming knowledge. These lathes are ideal for hard turning.

High-precision and production CCN lathes 

High-precision lathes with numerical control by Fanuc. The machines of this range can be used to turn, drill, mill and tap etc. small and medium-sized workpieces. They have been designed to produce prototypes and workpieces in small to medium-sized lots. These lathes are ideal for hard turning.

Second Hand Machines

Overhauled lathes are available.

Ergomat Lathes

We are proud to announce the addition of the Ergomat brand to our range of quality machine tools offered to the southern African market.

Ergomat was founded in 1962. In its more than 50 years of history, the company has reached the impressive figure more than 18.000 machine-tools produced and its brand has transformed into a synonym for high-performance and reliability machine tools both in Brazil and abroad.

Today, Ergomat is the manufacturer with the most complete line of automatic lathes in Brazil. The well-known automatic A25 single-spindle lathe is the first from a line of high output, state-of-the-art cam controlled and CNC machines.

• Cam controlled screw-machines
• CNC multi-slide automatic lathes
• Multi-slide turning centers
• Universal CNC lathes

Ergomat Cam Controlled Lathes


Ergomat Multi-slide Automatic CNC Lathes


Ergomat Multi-slide Turning Centres