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Linear Bearings | Guideways
Introduction - Schneeberger

With the first linear guideways conceived and developed by SCHNEEBERGER over 50 years ago, the foundation was established for the worldwide linear technology of today. Our original guidelines for the construction of linear guideways defined the criteria for load bearing capacity, reliability and economy. These SCHNEEBERGER guidelines quickly became industry standards which are still valid today.

The product range includes:

  • Guiding:  Linear bearings and recirculating units
  • Positioning:  Slides, Tables and Stages
  • Guiding and measuring:  Guideways with integrated measuring system
  • Positioning with actuation:  MINIMODULE, linear and rotary modules
  • Custom products

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Linear-and profiled Guideways

  • Profiled guideways
  • Profiled miniture guideways
  • Linear bearings
  • Customised bearings
  • Recirculating units

Measuring systems

  • Analogue / rollers
  • Digital / rollers
  • Absolute / rollers
  • Long analogue / rollers
  • Analogue / balls
  • Digital / balls
  • Miniscale digital


Gear Racks

  • Standard racks
  • Customised racks

Slides- and minature tables

  • Frictionless tables
  • Micro frictionless tables
  • Positioning tables


Mineral casting

SCHNEEBERGER mineral castings are manufactured by specialist staff at our production facility in Cheb. The entire process from the design phase and the actual casting process, through to final finishing is subject to rigorous quality procedures. This guarantees that complex machine structures and sub-assemblies with integrated guideways are produced to the specified dimensions and to the highest quality.

Positioning- and motion systems

SCHNEEBERGER builds flexible, high-precision positioning and movement systems according to the requirements of its customers, meeting the highest demands in terms of accuracy and stability. 

These systems, driven by linear motors, for example, have proven their worth in day-to-day operation. Their stable construction and attachment options reveal characteristics such as excellent damping that enable our customers to operate highly efficiently even in high-resolution nanometer applications.