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Paper Winding Slitting
Introduction - Tidland

As the sole representative of TIDLAND in South Africa, we are able to offer advanced Slitting and Winding solutions.

Winding Equipment

Rugged and durable, TIDLAND shafts and chucks are engineered to meet the demands of virtually any winding and unwinding application, delivering superior performance with minimal maintenance.

Products Include:

  • Ergonomic Shafts and Chucks
  • Core Shafts
  • Differential Air Shafts
  • Mill-Duty Shafts / Reel Spools
  • Narrow Web Shafts
  • Core Chucks
  • Safety Chucks
  • Brakes
  • Roll Savers / Crushed Core
  • Accessories for TIDLAND Shafts and Chucks (Air Inflation Tool, Recoiling Air Hose, Air Release Tool, Punch and Gauge)

For an Air Shaft Proposal, simply fill in the Data Sheet and email to info@fifu.co.za.



Air Shaft Proposal Data Sheet


Tidland Crushed Core Restorers


Tidland Winding Solutions


Slitting Equipment

 Products Include:

  • Knifeholders for Slitters
  • Automatic Slitting Systems
  • Manual Slitting Systems
  • Slitting Accessories

Tidland Slitting Solutions